Chemical Peels

Experience Younger-Looking Skin, Tailored to You

Chemical peels can treat pigmentation problems such as sun spots and age spots, and they can be formulated to meet the specific needs of your skin. They also help improve the appearance of acne and acne scars and other irregularities in your skin’s pigmentation.

At Anew Laser Medical Spa, we treat patients with chemical peels that are specially formulated to be kind to your skin while still being extremely effective. Our staff has received extensive training in the finer points of aesthetic medicine to ensure that your treatment delivers dramatic results with the least discomfort.

Chemical Peels Offer Safe, Effective Skin Rejuvenation

Chemical peels use a special solution to remove damaged skin layers, forcing the skin to regenerate itself. As the skin heals, a clear, younger-looking complexion is revealed.

Chemical peel treatments are safe, although our aesthetics experts advise you to be cautious with sun exposure after treatment. Keeping out of direct sunlight will prevent uneven pigmentation and help ensure healthy skin for years to come.

Find out whether a chemical peel is right for you, and learn how Anew Laser Medical Spa can help you achieve a better you. Contact us today or call 385.393.4093 to schedule a consultation.